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Meet Our Team of Talented Individuals

Our TeamWe are dedicated to helping our clients maximize and protect their wealth. To ensure that you are prepared for your future, we draw on rich industry experience, an enthusiastic team of experts, and a deep empathy for your state of affairs. We have come to call this approach astute financial stewardship. You might prefer to call it peace of mind.

Our commitment to financial stewardship is rooted in a conviction that the finest way to serve you is to care for your financial affairs as though they are our own. There is no cookie cutter approach; as our client, you’ll have a plan that is customized to your own objectives.

Succeeding takes determination, discipline, and hard work; attributes that we believe that each our team members exemplifies on a daily basis.

 Greg Holohan
Associate Director, Wealth Management & Senior Wealth Advisor

 Ruth Savage
Administrative Associate

James Goodenough
Administrative Associate

 Callam Graham
Administrative Associate