Reserve Fund Investing

Providing Creative Investment Strategies

Reserve Fund InvestingEven among condos with multi-million dollar budgets, addressing investment interest often falls on the agenda somewhere between “last” and “I’d rather end the meeting and go home”.

Many condominiums simply deposit their reserve funds in a bank account, not realizing that the opportunity cost of sloppiness can mean thousands of dollars of lost income. Having a professional financial advisor actively involved with your account can produce tangible and material benefits, such as having regular, systematic investments that adhere to an overarching investment plan.

Better returns enable you to slow the increase in condo fees, and a comprehensive investment plan ensures that investment decisions are tailored for your corporation’s unique cash flow situation.

Saving Money & Enhancing Services

As a board, you are always looking for ways to save money and enhance the services your condo offers. Hiring one of the leading advisory teams in condo reserve investments is a proactive step that will help solidify your corporation’s reserve fund.

We work with your board to improve the returns that are currently being earned on your condominium’s reserve funds, while staying safely within the provincial guidelines regarding investment categories.