Investment Plans

A Solid Investment Plan is Essential

Investment PlansThe Condominium Act requires that prior to investing any part of the money in the corporation’s reserve fund accounts, the board develop an investment plan based on the anticipated cash requirements of the reserve fund as set out in the most recent reserve fund study.

Most condominium boards and property managers are extremely busy and rely on experts to help keep the corporation running smoothly. Similarly, it is essential that your corporation have a well-prepared investment plan. Good plans carefully consider projected cash flows from reserve fund contributions, as well as investment interest, and ensure that corporations will have adequate cash available to meet the predicted expenses.

Proprietary Planning Process

We have developed an industry-leading, proprietary planning process that will help your board take the long view on the corporation’s cash flows. In our experience many boards tend to look primarily at the expenses of the next 12-24 months. Having too much of the reserve funds lie unattended in a savings account can be a missed opportunity to maximize interest for your owners.

Within the boundaries of a solid investment plan, there are usually excellent opportunities to maximize investment returns without compromising either safety or liquidity.